Monday, February 22, 2021

A 68th Birthday

 On Monday 23 February 1953 Alex and Kath Robertson welcomed their first born child, named Anthony Gerard. There were no headlines in the world news,no posts on Facebook,  just a few lines  in the Birth Notices on page 2 of the Geelong Advertiser. 

So on this day I give thanks for my parents now deceased, my sister and brothers, cousins and relative s of several generations who nurtured, loved and challenged me. 

I give thanks for the neighbours, school friends, work colleagues, travel companions, lecturers,employers, lovers and life friends who have shared the journey over 62 years.

I wish a "Happy Birthday" to each of you for your celebration of the birthing day in your life. May the year ahead be a time of growth, compassion, commitment and love in so many ways for each of us.

Today I launch my digital biography. Feel free to add  comments and any significant images you may have for this collection.